Celebrating Summertime

Summer is officially upon us, at least here in Idaho! We just wrapped up our celebration of Shavuot and are heading headlong into the heat of summer. Summer is an incredible time of fun, wonder… and hard work!

Summer is also a time without any holidays, which is logical from the standpoint of the growing/harvesting cycle. The Israelites were pretty busy, growing the food that would sustain them for that upcoming year. But since many of our life-giving traditions are centered around the feasts, summertime can sometimes leave us floundering without a clear focus.

That is what I am going to explore over the next couple of months.

In our home, we are planting everything imaginable this month – working on our vegetable garden, filling pots with pretty blooms, evicting weeds and replacing them with pretty plants, even planting trees! All this planting and tending to new life can’t help but bring to mind the young lives I must tend to every day.

As we step into summer, I am going to be thinking about how to bring the life of Yeshua into our hot summer days, how to establish meaningful rituals without the added focus of any holidays, and how to make the most of this season of growth. Join me!

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