Shavuot – Bring Your Children Alongside You

This past weekend, the counting we’ve been doing for the last 50 days finally culminated in Shavuot!

At the closing of our Shavuot service, we had a time of prayer, during which I played & sang worship. At one point I looked over and realized that my oldest daughter (12) had come up to pray with her dad. Then my other daughter, then one of my sons came up as well. Each of them had a sweet time of prayer with both their earthly father and their heavenly Father.

I think that sometimes we underestimate the power of an encounter with God for our children. While we work hard to develop beautiful traditions and rituals, bringing our faith walk to life in our homes, it can be all too easy to forget that even at young ages, our children can encounter HaShem in a real, vibrant, and life-changing way.

The festival of Shavuot is interesting. Being only one day long (instead of a week like the other 2 pilgrimage festivals), it is easy to pass it over and not give it the weight it deserves.

But it is an incredibly important day to celebrate. The meaning behind it holds an incredible amount of depth and power, especially for us as believers in the Messiah Yeshua.

Tradition holds that it was on Shavuot that HaShem gave the people of Israel the Torah (or at least the Ten Commandments), and they first entered into a covenant with Him. Then, we know that it was on this day, many centuries later, that the Spirit of God descended on the believers in Jerusalem, filling them in a powerful way as a down-payment towards the Messianic Era.

When you celebrate Shavuot, I want to challenge you to take the time to walk alongside your children and experience God with them. Read the Ten Commandments and Acts 2 with them, yes – but even more, pray with them. Let them see you seeking the face of HaShem and the presence of His Spirit.

Bring the life-changing power of the Spirit of God into your home through your celebration of Shavuot!

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