Life Rhythms

The First Day of the Week

Today is Sunday, and I’m thinking about Sundays in our lives as Messianic Believers.

Growing up in mainstream church, Sunday was a dual-purpose day. Church in the morning, lunch, maybe rest or some chores on the afternoon, then dinner and making sure everything was ready for the next week. My mom homeschooled us, and always had to spend time on Sundays making sure our lessons were prepped for the week ahead.

Maybe you came from a similar background. If so, keeping Shabbat was a huge life-shift, wasn’t it?

In biblical days, people went back to work on the 1st day of the week, but we are blessed to live in a day in age when we most people get a 2-day weekend on Saturday and Sunday. For those of us who keep the 7th day Sabbath, that means we get an “extra” day before we have to go back to work & school.

Being that we are given an “extra” day in our week, and at the beginning of our week, we have a beautiful opportunity to be intentional in how we begin our week.

Sundays in our home are a blend of family time and projects, but it is always anchored with a few rituals we keep each week: sleeping in, cartoons for the kids, and my husband and I making a big family brunch to begin the day, and tidying up from Shabbat.

Most critically, I/we do my best to plan our upcoming week and assess ongoing projects. Looking over our plans for the upcoming week with Mark helps me to have healthy expectations for what we will accomplish this week and gives me peace that we’ll prioritize properly.

How do you spend your Sundays? What kind of life-giving rituals do you incorporate?

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